About the company

The business idea of the company is to facilitate business opportunities – at reduced cost and risk – for Swedish and Scandinavian companies primarily in the countries in former USSR (“FSU”). As well as vice-versa, i.e. to assist companies and organizations in FSU in their contacts and business with Sweden and the Nordic countries.

Heinz Sjogren has vast experience in banking, most recently from Swedbank 1996-2009, where he among other things was Regional Manager for Eastern Europe. Prior to that at SEB between 1988-1996, he was Head of the Representative office in Moscow during the interesting years 1990-1992 and also Head of the Trade Finance Dept. 1994-1996. Throughout his banking career Eastern Europe and countries in FSU have been the working area, with focus on risk assessment, trade & project finance, payment issues and a variety of advisory roles to corporate clients as well as to management. The latter related to the banks´ heavy expansion eastwards. Parallel to studies at the University of Uppsala in the mid-1980’s he also worked as a tour leader to the Soviet Union. He graduated as a Bachelor of Science in Business Studies and International Economics. For many years Heinz has been a member of the Supervisory Council of the Chamber of Commerce Sweden – Russia & CIS (www.swedishrussian.com).

In all these functions and activities over the years a large network of contacts has been built up. A broad competence and a deep-seated experience have accumulated and the interest in the region has constantly grown. All these factors are excellent prerequisites to bridge the hurdles still present in business between east and west. Here exists a huge unexploited business potential! Based on a good understanding of business culture and mentality, both in the west and in FSU, Heinz Sjogren Consulting offers flexible, client-adjusted consultancy in all stages of international business. Give it a try!

Heinz Sjögren och Karl XII